Anna Fälth & the U.N. Chamber Music Society: “U.N. Women & Girls in Science Day” | Talks at Google

February 11th is the United Nations’ Women and Girls in Science Day. Ms. Anna Fälth, the Senior Program Manager and Policy Advisor for Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) at U.N. Women, visits Talks at Google to discuss what U.N. Women is doing to build global momentum of women in the sciences. We discuss the role of the WEPs, how the diversity problem manifests in both the pipeline and corporate policies, and what we can all do to keep moving in a positive direction.

This talk also features a performance by the United Nations Chamber Music Society, who perform four songs from around the world. Featured musicians include:

Brenda Vongova, Artistic Director & Piano
Johnna Wu, Violin
Florrie Marshall, Viola
Drake Driscoll, Cello
James Quinlan, Bass
Eva Ding, Flute

Moderated by Nick Miceli.

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