Sasha Sagan: “For Small Creatures Such As We” | Talks at Google

Sasha Sagan visits Talks at Google to discuss her new book “For Small Creatures Such As We: Rituals for Finding Meaning in our Unlikely World”.

Raised by secular parents, astronomer Carl Sagan and writer and producer Ann Druyan, Sasha was raised to understand that the natural world and vast cosmos are full of profound beauty, and that science reveals truths more wondrous than any myth or fable.

When Sagan herself became a mother, she began her own hunt for the natural phenomena behind our most treasured occasions–from births to deaths, holidays to weddings, anniversaries, and more–growing these roots into a new set of rituals for her young daughter that honor the joy and significance of each experience without relying on religious framework.

As Sagan shares these rituals, “For Small Creatures Such as We” becomes a moving tribute to a father, a newborn daughter, a marriage, and the natural world–a celebration of life itself, and the power of our families and beliefs to bring us together.

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