Christian Jennings: “The Third Reich is Listening” | Talks at Google

The success of the Allied codebreakers at Bletchley Park was one of the iconic intelligence achievements of World War II, immortalized in films such as The Imitation Game and Enigma. But cracking Enigma was only half of the story – across the Channel, German intelligence agencies were hard at work breaking British and Allied codes. Christian Jennings joins Talks at Google to discuss his new book “The Third Reich is Listening”, a gripping blend of modern history and science that describes the successes and failures of Germany’s codebreaking and signals intelligence operations from 1935 to 1945. The first mainstream book that takes an in-depth look at German cryptanalysis in World War II, it tells how the Third Reich broke the ciphers of Allied and neutral countries, using declassified archive material and colorful personal accounts from the Germans at the heart of the story.

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