Charlotte Ducharme: “Cool Parents Make Happy Kids” | Talks at Google

Charlotte Ducharme is a successful laureate of the Réseau Entreprendre, founder & CEO of the “Cool Parents Make Happy Kids” startup, and author of the best seller in parental coaching of the same name. Uniquely, Charlotte combined all of this with a part time career as positive psychology lecturer and certified trainer, creating cool coaching programs now used by thousands of parents in France, largely inspired by her three kids.

While most of us strive to be cool parents, we may also find ourselves confused and frustrated by the seemingly endless challenges of parenthood. In this Talk, Charlotte will explain how positive parenting tools and strategies may help parents with common challenges (i.e., bedtime issues, picky eating, etc.), as well as the various learning lessons that are simply part of growing up (i.e. being respectful, being responsible, etc.).

Whether you are a parent who’s trying to dodge potential problems, or you are already pulling your hair out — this Talk is the right one for you.

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