Sarah Brabbs: “Subverting Defensive Communication to Create World Peace” | Talks at Google

Sarah Brabbs joins Google in a discussion around defensive communication and how understanding, unpacking, and then using our own defensive experience helps us to grow and then positively impact others.

We may think we know who we are talking to, but there is far more to a person than meets the eye. In defensive communication especially, there is a lot going on behind the words that are spoken. Understanding, unpacking, and then using our own defensive experience to grow and then positively impact others, is like finding a large rusty old beautiful key that unlocks a back door to a more vivid world you did not know existed, and was always there.

Step into this journey of discovery and watch your relationships deepen and conversations change – at home, work, or in your community. When you make space for diving deep in these uncomfortable conversations, they lead to an unexpected place – they lead to peace.

Sarah Brabbs, author of “So People Say You’re an A**hole: A Book for You, People Who Love You, and People Who Work with You” spends her time speaking, engaging, and inspiring people to proactively improve their communication skills, experience immediate impactful change, and enjoy deeper, more meaningful and productive relationships both at work and at home. She has been referred to as a “catalyst for change.”

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