Motivational Success Story of Bruce Lee – From Bullied and Rejected to Becoming an Inspiring Legend

Motivational Success Story of Bruce Lee – From Bullied and Rejected to Becoming an Inspiring Legend

Bruce Lee was Born in San Francisco, but as a baby he and his family moved to Hong Kong. Growing up, he was often bullied and involved in a lot of street fights. So one time after being severely beaten up by a local street gang, Bruce lee Decided that it’s time to fight back, so he began his training in Kung Fu.
He officially opened a martial arts school, And as a martial arts teacher, He never cared about race or nationality. He really cared about teaching Kung Fu to anyone who was interested in learning.

And his incredible physical abilities got him his first role in Hollywood as the sidekick Kato in “The Green Hornet”. Unfortunately the show was canceled after one season. And No matter how hard he tried to be a leading actor, he was continuously turned down because he was not white. Bruce Lee was sad and frustrated because of the lack of opportunities in Hollywood. And because he didn’t have enough money to support his family, he decided to return to Hong Kong. And surprisingly, he found out that “Green Hornet” was very popular there, so he got a lead role in 2 more movies.

And these movies were a huge success, so he was finally offered a leading role in a Hollywood movie called “Enter the Dragon”. But sadly only 6 days before the movie was released, Bruce Lee laid down to take his last nap. He died in his sleep after taking a painkiller for his headache. He was only 32 and never had a chance to enjoy the success of “Enter the Dragon, who would become one of the greatest martial arts movies of all time.

Bruce Lee is one of the most inspirational people out there. He overcame every obstacle that was set on his path, and used every failure as a fuel to never give up, even when the odds were against him. He found a way to face every challenge. No matter how hard it was.

“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one” – Bruce Lee

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