Joey Ghazal: “Restaurant Developer – Legend of The Falls” | Talks at Google

Joey Ghazal is a Canadian “gastropreneur” founder of Fighterbrands, a concept development company that has created a multitude of concepts including BARBARY Deli + Cocktail Bar in Barsha heights. He was awarded ‘Middle East Restaurateur of the Year for 2018’ and listed as the 4th Most Powerful Independent Restaurateur in the Middle East in their yearly ‘Power 50’ issue.

Joey joins Talks at Google to talk about the failures he has endured as an entrepreneur and how they have made him who he is today. They are part of his journey and are as important, if not more important, as the successes because they serve as lessons on how to make a legend out of a bad situation; to keep pushing forward. he decided at the age of 30 to leave a stable well paying job to become an entrepreneur.

Moderated by Bruno Bianchini.

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