Amir Husain: “Is the World Ready for the Age of AI?” | Talks at Google

Why are we valuable? How are we intelligent? What constitutes progress for us? And how might we fail to progress?

Having spent the last couple of years traveling around the world discussing these questions with world leaders, Amir joins us once again to provide a global outlook on the urgency and implications of AI, as well as share what he has learned.

About Amir:
Amir Husain is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and inventor based in Austin, TX. He is the founder and CEO of SparkCognition, a company building artificial intelligence systems to advance the most important interests of our society, and also the CEO of SkyGrid, a SparkCognition and Boeing company focused on building the aerial operation system for next-generation travel and transport. His work has been featured in world-leading outlets such as Foreign Policy, Fox Business News, and Wired.

Moderated by Jaka Jaksic.

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