Christiane Taubira: “Former Minister of Justice” | Talks at Google

On June 19th, we had the rare opportunity to be in conversation with Christiane Taubira, who over the course of her career, has earned a reputation as a fierce champion of women and minorities.
She will share about some key defining moments of her political career: on the law she authored, categorising the slave trade and slavery as crimes against humanity (commonly known as “la loi Taubira”), and on the bill she introduced in November 2012 that has led to legalizing same-sex marriage in France.

As an advocate for the marginalized or excluded, she will share with us what diversity and inclusion means to her, as well as her vision for humanism, democracy and the values of the French republic.

Moderated by Dezzie Dimbitsara.

Biography :
Christiane Taubira is an economist, politician, and writer who was born on February 2, 1952 in Cayenne, Guyana. Founding president of the Guyanese Walwari Party, she is also an author of a number of writings on the topic of slavery and political equality. In May 2012 Taubira was appointed Minister of Justice of France in the Ayrault government under President François Hollande.

Christiane Taubira was the driving force behind a 21 May 2001 law that recognises the Atlantic slave trade and slavery as a crime against humanity. In 2013, she voiced her support for land reforms in France’s Caribbean territories as compensation for slavery.
As Minister of Justice, Taubira formally introduced the electoral promise of François Hollande. It became Law 2013-404, which legalised same-sex marriage in France.

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