Bill Gates on Startups, Investing and Solving The World’s Hardest Problems

We are tremendously honored to have Bill Gates among our small group of luminary LPs whose financial capital and engagement power the next generation of Village Global founders and teams.

We asked Bill to join us in San Francisco for a fireside chat on the future of technology, early-stage investing, and the nature of innovation and impact last November. Bill’s passion for the next generation of world-changing entrepreneurs inspires our network of founders to succeed.

Village Global is an early-stage venture capital firm backed by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs including Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Reid Hoffman, and many more.

We’re not a traditional VC. We’re a network. From how we invest in startups to how we help founders. When you raise money from Village, you’re not just getting money. You’re getting connected capital. We invest in early-stage technology startups across sectors around the world.

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