Jason Loebig & Bret Gornik: “How to Live Your Best Life, Every Single Day” | Talks at Google

As part of a wellness event at Google Chicago, Talks at Google welcomes Bret Gornik and Jason Loebig, from Live Better, a dynamic health and wellness business with one mission- to help their community have the best day ever, every single day. In this interactive talk, you’ll learn how discipline = freedom and how to best prioritize to maximize your day.

Since their transition from corporate jobs, both Jason and Bret have advised CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and creatives alike on two things: How to make self-care a top priority, and then how to apply that energy towards finding purpose in their work.

Live Better achieves this mission through a variety of health and wellness projects including wellness consulting, weekly digital content, live events around the U.S and youth mindfulness and yoga programs in schools.

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