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The Art and Science of Viral storytelling
Viral content is the alpha predator on the internet.

It holds the power to make brands millions of dollars and individuals famous in an instant.
But what drives it?

What makes some stories spread while other sit idle? It’s more than dumb luck.

Award winning investigative journalist and Viral content researcher Jonathan Creek explores what has to happen in a human brain to trigger someone to click share.

And the steps you can take to make your stories more contagious. Jonathan Creek is an award winning Investigative Journalist who after fourteen years in Mainstream TV now works with ASX 200 companies and an army of self employed professionals and Small/ Medium sized businesses to help them tell their own, infectious stories. Viral videos have been an obsession of Jonathan’s since 2009, in particular the science that occurs in the human brain to make people click that share button. A human response that drives billions of views every single day.

It is the basis of an algorithmic formula he developed known the Virable formula. It measures the Spread factor in content, predicting how widely it will be shared. Initially used as a Market research tool for companies to measure whether their videos were any good before release. Recently Jonathan reversed engineered the Virable formula to provide content makers a clear path and guideline on the type of unique narratives and videos they need to make to create an impact online. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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